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Loupe or Optvisor

by aimeri

DISCLAIMER: I do realize that this is a mater of personal choice more than anything else, and my intention with this post is not to stir the pot, but to find out what you experienced guys out there use on your day-to-day job.

I was doing some research, and somebody suggested that for actual work, as opposed to an inspection, a 4x magnification should be the most I need. That sounds very reasonable. I am really struggling trying to decide if I should buy an Optvisor or a Loupe. I can find both with about 3 1/2X to 4X magnification and focal point of about 2″ but I am really torn on which one to get. Both have advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering. I bought a cheap loupe that gives me 15x, and I just could not work with it, then when I read about the focal distance I realized that this loupe was mainly for inspections. I still don’t like it and I’m planning on buying a better quality one. I am assuming that glass or crystal loupes would be better than the clear plastic ones.

What do you guys use for your daily work? Loupes or Optvisors? What brand do you guys recommend? Is it worth it even bothering with the subject?

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