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Monthly Archives: October 2009

A Drop of Wisdom From the Experienced

I had some trouble this week trying to find the source of a faint grinding noise that occurred everytime I screwed the crown down in a particular watch I had just finished servicing and casing up. The movement would wind and set flawlessly when the crown was out, but as soon as the crown was […]

Discover watchmaking with JLC

If you follow watch blogs on the Internet you probably already know about the Jaeger-LeCoultre iPhone App. It is really pretty fun! Besides showcasing all of their products it also has a watchmaking initiation school with “lessons” about the many professions surrounding the manufacture of watches. It also has a watchmaking dictionary and a chance […]

Essential Tools for a Watchmaker

First, a reminder that this site is intended to promote the pursuit of watchmaking as a career. This list of tools is therefore intended to represent the typical tools a professional watchmaker would need to work professionally in a watch repair shop. The list includes only personal hand tools and ignores shop equipment, like a […]

Third day of Watchmaking – Pocket Watch Goodness

I have to start this post by apologizing for not having pictures to show. I’ve had the chance to work with some very nice pocket watches this past weekend and I wish I could share them with you guys. I will try to take pictures of them next weekend if my mentor have not finished […]

AF Bezel Remover a Disappointment

Aimeri’s recent post on distance education sprouted a lengthy conversation that eventually touched on the subject of tools, with several of our readers requesting more information on what tools are worth investing in and what tools aren’t. We’ve covered most of the basics, tool-wise, here on the blog already. If you weren’t aware of it, […]

Loupe or Optvisor

DISCLAIMER: I do realize that this is a mater of personal choice more than anything else, and my intention with this post is not to stir the pot, but to find out what you experienced guys out there use on your day-to-day job. I was doing some research, and somebody suggested that for actual work, […]