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Second day of Watchmaking – Frustrations of a spring Hater!

by aimeri

Lets talk springs!

Have I told you all how much I hate them? Well, I do hate them. I realize they are very important for the movement, being used for several tasks and all, but have you ever noticed how jumpy they are? Well, I lost not one but two this past Saturday and felt really frustrated with the whole spring-losing thing. Claudio (my mentor) said that I was doing well and should not feel discouraged with such minor details, but I can’t help but think what will I do if I lose a spring on an expensive watch.

Leaving my frustrations behind and going back to watchmaking, this weekend was not as productive as the last one. On my last post I called it a mechanical watch, but I did not mention that it was an auto-winding. I was not able to finish putting the auto-winding movement back together and  I will have to finish it in two weeks.  That is really sad because I know that in two weeks I will not remember were I left off and I will have to keep bugging Claudio for help. That is exactly what happened this time and I feel really bad about it. I know I am learning and all, but I feel like I should somehow know more about it all. Claudio is very gracious about it all and he keeps saying that I am only learning and its ok to have questions and get stuck. Also he mentioned that this watch that I am working on was not a good choice, since the movement is fairly complicated. He wants to give me a pocket watch next time so we can focus on oiling the movement and also he wants to teach me a little about theory as well. I love pocket watches and I am definitely looking forward to two week from now.

I hope I will be able to share more of my experiences in two weeks from now, since this post was rather dull. I spent most of my time this weekend trying to find lost springs and I don’t feel like I learned a lot.

Here is a picture of the movement I am currently working on:

Watch I am currently working on

My currently unfinished automatic movement.

Sorry about the quality. I had only my cell phone’s camera on me at the time.

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