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George Daniels’ Watchmaking Back in Print

by J.Edwards


George Daniels' "Watchmaking"As some of our blog readers are already aware, George Daniels’ meticulously illustrated masterpiece, Watchmaking, is set to be back in print. It has been out of circulation for several years, and prices for the 462 page volume have skyrocketed into the hundreds of dollars on the second hand market, topping out at as much as $525! Fortunately, pre-orders for fresh off the press copies of this 2nd printing of the third edition are listed at an incredible $54.

If previous printings are any indication, however, this latest print run might not be around for long. I made the mistake of passing up on a copy at my local bookstore back in 2002 and wasn’t able to track down a new copy again until 2005, which I ended up having shipped over from England for nearly three times as much.

If you have ever dreamt of building your own watch or are at all interested in the tools used to make a watch by hand, I highly recommend investing in a copy of Daniels’ Watchmaking. There isn’t a more thorough or expertly crafted resource on the subject that I could even begin to compare it to.

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