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Confessions of an Escape Wheel Killer

by J.Edwards

I plead guilty. I crushed a part under a wheel of my chair for the first time ever today. By no means on purpose, though. I moved the warm air dryer, which I use to dry freshly epilamed watch parts, to a different place under the front lip of my work bench today and didn’t count on the airflow changing to produce an unexpected “up current” that made quick work of blowing my escape wheel onto the floor. I am always ever so careful not to roll my chair when anything like this happens, but it moved ever so slightly as I craned my neck to glance backwards between my feet and – to my dismay – I heard a soft crunch under the foremost wheel as it happened. Toasted. My escape wheel, arbor and all, lay flat as a pancake on the floor.

Fortunately, we had extras in stock, and I was back into the flow of things again in no time. As J.Peter has mentioned in the past, routine, routine, routine, is so very key. There are occasional exceptions though. Despite this initial hiccup, I am happy I have made this particular change to my workflow, as it will make my epilaming routine far more effective.

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