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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Whittling Wisdom from the Experienced

One of the longest standing watchmakers in our shop walked by my bench yesterday and caught me with a small garbage can held up between knees, whittling the tip of a piece of peg wood to a nice, fine point so that I could begin pegging out the jewels in a watch I had just […]

Confessions of an Escape Wheel Killer

I plead guilty. I crushed a part under a wheel of my chair for the first time ever today. By no means on purpose, though. I moved the warm air dryer, which I use to dry freshly epilamed watch parts, to a different place under the front lip of my work bench today and didn’t […]

Spinning Wheels

Ever since my very first days of watchmaking school I have given the gear train a good spin during assembly before installing the escapement. This is an opportunity to check and see that all the wheels turn true and free. It is extremely rare that I encounter a problem at this phase, since I diagnosed […]