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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Releasing Frozen Screws

Every once in a while I come across a screw that just won’t turn. This happens more with older watches of course. This week it was a Rolex that I couldn’t get out of the case because both of the case screws appeared to be frozen in place. This was a different problem than usual […]

Watchmaking Math

I have had many questions form individuals wishing to study watchmaking about the kinds of math on which they may be tested for admission and will have to perform during their career. Here is some watchmaking math which I don’t intend to be a reference for useful equations, as I’m not going to give very […]

Why do we keep our watches?

Open up your dresser drawer and you probably have some watches that have been in there for 10, 15, or more years. They’re probably broken, or maybe they just need a new battery. But, why do we keep them? I definitely have some of them. That Casio has been broken for at least 10 years […]

Deep Inside a Rolex Submariner

We’ve talked quite a bit about the movements that run inside of Rolex watches here on the blog, and with good reason. They are among the best engineered mechanical watch movements currently in production. One of the most commonly employed Rolex calibres today is the 3135, and is a prime example of where the evolution […]

New Discussion page for Wostep Grads

The folks over at Watch & Clock Forums just created a new forum for WOSTEP graduates. You can check it out at

Watchmaking Spill-Over

I don’t work on watches at home. I don’t have a workshop yet. Still waiting for all those donations to come in so I can purchase some equipment. I prefer to work in the garden actually. I’ve been landscaping my backyard and I find that some of my good habits from watchmaking spill over into […]

Suggested Reading

Chandru asked if I could suggest some good books about watch repair and servicing. Unfortunately I haven’t read any. Most of my learning comes from the classroom and from asking questions — which is in my opinion the best way to learn. I have never been one to pick up a book and learn something […]