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Basel World

by Jordan Ficklin

It’s time to own up to this year’s Basel Predicitons.

  1. From everyone you’ve never heard of we will see more new Tourbillons. Enough with the tourbillon already, how about a totally new and useful complication. — I haven’t seen much about this actually except in the pre-Basel reports we saw all kinds of double & triple tourbillons.
  2. This one is a no-brainer: We’ll see the ceramic bezel on the steel & gold submariner this year. It will be available in blue and black and will get the new Glide-Lock Clasp. — The picture says it all.
  3. The Day-Date will receive an annual calendar. –> A guy can hope can’t he? Maybe it will filter down to the datejust in about 5 years when I’m ready to purchase one. — OK I was dead wrong on this one. I still wish I had been right but we did see a new Datejust II.
  4. More “feminine” dials for 31mm and 34mm watches. — Sorry, more feminine dials and a full diamond bezel for the 36mm Rolesor Datejust.

Most of the new models are now on the Rolex web page. Or you can visit our new facebook page for a nice little album of some of the models. Of course there is also discussion all over the web.

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