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Public Clocks

by Jordan Ficklin

A little while ago I was asked to write a guest post for a Being Savvy Albuquerque. It’s a blog geared towards parents of young children and I was asked to address time related activities in the Albuquerque area. You can read my post about 5 places where you can teach your child all about time

I wanted to address public clocks in Albuquerque, but I actually had a hard time coming up with 5 really nice public clocks here. Public clocks are really becoming extinct, I guess because of cell phones and the like.

The folks over at The World Clock Project have sought to preserve pictures of beautiful clocks. They want to put together a picture clock which displays a different clock for every minute of the day. You can see what they have so far at their web page and you can contribute your own pictures. I think I’ll visit one of the clocks from my being savvy Albuquerque guest post and submit a photo myself.

Photo courtesy of bobthemtnbiker

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