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Pi Day

by Jordan Ficklin

I guess it isn’t really watch related, and certainly not watchmaking related, but it is related to time. Besides being Einstein’s birthday, today is Pi day. And the minute this was posted was pi minute. There is even a pi second. To learn more about pi day check out the wikipedia article for pi day.

3.14 1:59 – or March 14th at 1:59AM represtents the first six digits of pi (3.14159), the constant which represents the ratio of the diameter of a circle to it’s circumfrence.

How should you celebrate?

Eat some pie. (photo by cobalt123)

You might try reading Life of Pi – which has nothing to do with the number or watches, but it is an interesting read.

Or . . . . . You could just post something on your blog, that’s what I’m doing. — Ok, I’m a math geek!

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