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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Server Maintenance

I am currently in the process of server maintenance over the next couple of days and this sight my intermittently be unavailable. I’ll let you know when everything is back up and running again. Thank you, for the understanding. The end result should be better service for all.

Basel World

It’s time to own up to this year’s Basel Predicitons. From everyone you’ve never heard of we will see more new Tourbillons. Enough with the tourbillon already, how about a totally new and useful complication. — I haven’t seen much about this actually except in the pre-Basel reports we saw all kinds of double & […]

A Custom Set of Movement Holders

I have a special treat for Tuesday Tools this week. Last week marked the final week of work in the shop for one of our best watchmakers, as he prepares to move on to bigger and broader endeavours in the world of horology. After shaking his hand and wishing him all the best as we […]

We’re on Facebook

We’d like to invite you to become a fan of on facebook. To become a fan visit our new facebook page and click on become a fan. This will help you share this blog with your friends and make all of us happier. Look for a new offer for facebook fans only coming up […]

Public Clocks

A little while ago I was asked to write a guest post for a Being Savvy Albuquerque. It’s a blog geared towards parents of young children and I was asked to address time related activities in the Albuquerque area. You can read my post about 5 places where you can teach your child all about […]

Kif Shock-system Model

I just acquired this fantastic toy! Well, to me it’s a toy. In reality it is a fully functional model of the Kif shock-resistant balance protection system. I love just playing with it. I talked about Shock Resistance before and highlighted a video as well. I suspect this little model was used as a sales […]

Pi Day

I guess it isn’t really watch related, and certainly not watchmaking related, but it is related to time. Besides being Einstein’s birthday, today is Pi day. And the minute this was posted was pi minute. There is even a pi second. To learn more about pi day check out the wikipedia article for pi day. […]

Watch of the Future?

A forward looking article recently published on Wired’s Epicenter Blog, showcases some brand new R&D out of MIT’s Media Lab that is looking to evolve the functionality of today’s cellphones well beyond the benchmark set by Apple’s iPhone. Using a mashup of off-the-shelf hardware, including a webcam and small projector, the device is capable of […]

Welcome Make Readers

Some of you reading this may be joining us from Make Magazine. An article in this month’s series on Lost Knowledge features some photos of my shop. Those of you who don’t subscribe to the magazine may still enjoy a photo montage on their webpage. For those of you reading this blog for the first […]

Contest Reminder

Just a little reminder that our current watchmaker contest with a nice little gift from PrimeTime Canada ends Monday March 9th, at midnight. To enter visit the original contest posting.