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Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Balance Staff

Most of the time I just swap out parts in watches. The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a nice project watch. As a part of this watch repair I needed to make a new balance staff. The watch is a Paul Breton. It’s a Swiss Bar movement from around the turn of […]

Pivot gauge lovin!

I finally took my first WOSTEP exam last week and I’m glad to report that I made it through.  I successfully finished it with a little bit of warpage after heat treatment but it was complete by the end of the day.  The results are still unknown because they’ll be going to Switzerland for grading.  […]

Spit: The Miracle Solvent

One of the tools in my arsenal travels with me everywhere. As a watchmaker I have many solvents and cleaners at my disposal. I use them all sparingly and in accordance with safe practices. For cleaning watch movements I use L&R Ultrasonic Cleaner and L&R Ultrasonic Rinse. The cleaner is Ammonia based, the rinse has […]