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Simple Tools

by Jordan Ficklin

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By request I give you some of the simple tools I have fashioned myself. I’m kind of a spoiled watchmaker because I had to buy lots of really nice tools when I started school. Because of that I haven’t had to improvise a lot of tools but here are some of what I have:


  1. Toothpick – great for cleaning the body cheese away from a case back before opening it.
  2. A modified razor blade. I took this simple straight blade and tapped it against a file creating a serrated edge. It’s a super thin and sturdy saw blade.
  3. Additional tips for my truing caliper.
  4. The tip of this clear plexi-stick has a screwdriver profile and a slot just the right size for adjusting the stud on an Etachron regulator system.
  5. A simple scribe made from carbon steel hardened and tempered to tool hardness.
  6. My barrel closer – used daily.
  7. Carrier for Jacot Tool or turning between centers.
  8. A special die for the crystal press with a cut out for the cyclops lens. I use it to push Sapphire crystals out of the bezel.
  9. Assorted stumps and pushers for the Horia jeweling tool the most useful one is the cannon pinion tightening stump.
  10. img_1596

  11. A brass tray for warming pallets to adjust stones or for bluing screws.
  12. Pivot Gauges – school project, but very useful for determining the size of the hole in a jewel.

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