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Super Glue isn’t Super Gasket

by J.Edwards


I have read about people using glue to make their watches water resistant on a number of occasions and have even heard of the odd watch repairer using it in their daily practice. I am all for using Seiko glue or UV cured epoxy et al to seal a crystal and Loctite to secure pusher housings in place, but the mere notion of using it anywhere else on a watch case, in hopes of rendering it water resistant, simply makes me cringe. And with good reason! Not only can the results be unsightly, glue simply doesn’t perform in the same manner that gaskets do when subjected to the changes in pressure associated with submersion and expulsion from water. Furthermore, many glues are very brittle once cured and are all too prone to fracture when jolted by a physical shock or a change in temperature. Case in point, I’ll end my rant here and let this picture of a “super-glued” watch that came across my bench this week work its thousand words.

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