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My Tools

by Jordan Ficklin

Quite some time ago I wrote about a watchmaker’s tools. It was a post which started my series of Tuesday’s Tools posts. The gist is that my tools are like an extension of my body.

This week I have re-discovered how true this really is. I had to switch to a new oiler and this new one is just ever so slightly different from the old one. It seems to be just about 1 or 2 millimeters longer than the old one and as a result I keep jamming it into my oil cup way too deep. I’m really surprised I haven’t broken it yet. I guess I just new exactly how long the old one was and it is taking some time to get used to this new one.

Over time I sharpen my tweezers and as a result they get shorter. What a tough day it will be when I have to purchase new tweezers and they are so much longer than the ones I am currently using. It’s such a gradual change that will be followed by a large abrupt change. Nobody likes change, myself included (unless it’s the pocket variety ­čÖé

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