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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Watchmaker Contest

Those of you follow this blog closely will be aware that Prem C of

Looking for a Deal?

Russian Watch Lover left a comment about my review of a Vostok watch I serviced. He asks what I would recommend for a mechanical watch under $100. Don’t get attached to it. When you buy a mechanical watch for under $100 you should expect it to be only moderately accurate (within 10 or 15 seconds […]

Another Milestone

I know I just posted about the one year anniversary but I couldn’t resist noting this milestone. This week marked the 100,000 page view of from over 40,000 visits. We now have 265 subscribers. How cool is that? It’s amazing the reach a couple of watchmakers who want to share their enthusiasm for the […]

Simple Tools

By request I give you some of the simple tools I have fashioned myself. I’m kind of a spoiled watchmaker because I had to buy lots of really nice tools when I started school. Because of that I haven’t had to improvise a lot of tools but here are some of what I have: Toothpick […]

So you want to be a watchmaker?

Some of the most common questions I get from readers of this blog are related to watchmaking school, what the admission process is and how they can become a watchmaker. This is exciting for me because there is a great need for watchmakers and one of my reasons for maintaing this blog is to encourage […]

Super Glue isn’t Super Gasket

I have read about people using glue to make their watches water resistant on a number of occasions and have even heard of the odd watch repairer using it in their daily practice. I am all for using Seiko glue or UV cured epoxy et al to seal a crystal and Loctite to secure pusher […]

Welcome Make Readers

An article in Make Magazine about watchmaking and the Lititz Watch Technicum featuring myself will be hitting newstands March 10th. My blog was featured in a teaser for the article last week and I want to welcome all of you Make readers who stuck around and subscribed to my blog. I try and keep it […]

My Tools

Quite some time ago I wrote about a watchmaker’s tools. It was a post which started my series of Tuesday’s Tools posts. The gist is that my tools are like an extension of my body. This week I have re-discovered how true this really is. I had to switch to a new oiler and this […]

Do you need another watch?

Probablly not, but I bet you want one. Our friends at watch site are currently running a contest until April 2nd where you can win an Omega Speedmaster Date (retail $2,980) simply by: 1)signing up to their site, 2) visiting this forum, and 3) starting a new discussion topic which includes a photo of […]

A new perspective on time

This article puts what I do into an entirely different perspective. I strive for watches to be accurate within a couple of seconds a day. These guys make clocks that if they had been built during the big bang would still be accurate to within a second. Super Clocks It’s a good thing people like […]