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A little update…

by Tony

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It’s been awhile since I last posted and things are still going well at LWT.  Since our holiday break, we’ve been working on winding stems nonstop.  I believe we’ve been at it for about 3 weeks so far and one more final week.  Next week will be our WOSTEP winding stem exam.

When making a winding stem, one needs to have  A LOT of patience (just like everything in watchmaking :P ).  I was breaking them left and right when we first began.  It would be while I was working on the pilot, or filing the square, and most of all, while making threads.  It was a great experience though and I now know the sensivitity needed without snapping one in half.

I’m getting more and more comfortable turning smaller diameters now and my eyes are starting to adapt and see very small details that I couldn’t see before.  The progression I’ve made since September until now has been tremendous.  I’m still learning everyday and I’m surprised my brain hasn’t fried out yet!

Once we’re done with winding stems, pivot gauges will be right around the corner.  We’ll be making pivot gauges for several weeks and then we’ll take the WOSTEP exam for it.  After pivot gauges, we’ll be moving on and getting back into watches.  We’ll get a full overview of quartz watches and learn them inside and out.

This was a little update since I lagged a bit during the holidays but I’ll be sure to update more often as things get more interesting.

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