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Bow Repair

by Jordan Ficklin

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I don’t get to do enough micomechanics projects. I spend a lot of my time simply swapping out parts, cleaning and lubricating, but I enjoy that too. Today I worked on a fun micromechanical project.

This beautiful Longines pocket watch’s bow fell off. As it turned out the threads for the screws were completely stripped. I offered the customer the option of replacing the bow but they preferred that I repair the original.

In order to repair the bow I drilled out the bow along the axis of the threads and friction fit some 14K gold wire into the hole. With the laser welder I securely fastened the wire in place. I drilled out a new hole down the center of this wire and using a 1.10mm tap I created the new threads. With an end mill (or jewelers cylinder burr) I created a recess for the screw head and re-installed the bow on the watch. It turned out pretty well.

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