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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Rolex Lugs

Day in and day out I look at Rolexes. Some days I’m fixing them. On days like today I size bracelets to fit the customer. All those watches we sell before Christmas come back to get fit just right to the customer’s wrist. For the first time today I noticed the new Air King has […]


That would be the study of friction and wear of components. In watches I concern myself with this everyday but we don’t always think about it on the outside of the watch. When gold fights with steel, steel always wins, right? Wrong! You will notice that on this Rolex Steel & Gold Bracelet the steel […]

Moonphases in Your Pocket – iEphemeris for the iPhone & iPod Touch Reviewed

  Up until just recently, setting the current phase of the moon on a client’s watch at work used to involve me referring to a calendar on the wall and then counting off the number of days since the last full or new moon. I would then use this information to set the watch, first […]

Take the thinking caps off

There have been some great guesses about the problem watch from last week’s post. The key was to really look at the picture. Matthew and Andrew noticed the key fact. The dial (and movement) are rotated in the case. This is easily observable at the cyclops. You can see that the date sits very high […]

Think like a Watchmaker

You may have missed the first puzzler back in March. I don’t have any prize available at the moment but I would love to hear what you all think about this one. Don’t forget to think like a watchmaker. The customer brought this watch to me today. The crown came off in his hand with […]

Experimenting with the Tissot T Touch

I’ve been curiousily investigating transparent electrodes to try and develop a larger touch display for my Tissot T Touch, in hopes of one day being able to develop it into pocket watch dimensions. I love my T Touch, though I tend to use it mainly for adventuring and rarely ever pull it out for daily […]

Mystery of the Brass Tubes: Solved

The mystery has been solved! Several months ago, we posted about a set of mystery tubes made of brass that ended up proving themselves useful to repair the seconds counter hand for a vintage chronograph movement. As it so happens, those mystery tubes are actually bushing wire, and hail from a time when zero and […]

Aquitaine Sundial Ring

My birthday is coming up this weekend and because I won’t be able to make it home to visit my family then, they decided to throw an early birthday dinner for me while I was home for a short visit. Among the much appreciated gifts, including some new hiking gear and a few surfing documentaries, […]


The class of 2010 will be part of the new SAWTA program.  SAWTA stands for Swiss American Watchmakers Alliance.  SAWTA is owned by Rolex and the purpose of this is to train highly qualified watchmakers.  The current curriculum through WOSTEP is good but it limits watchmakers to certain extents.  SAWTA works in partner with WOSTEP […]

On Vintage Crystals & other stuff

I was installing a new crystal on a beautiful Hamilton pocket watch today. I’ll write more about the watch in the coming days. I didn’t get the crystal installed yet. I had encountered this before but it has been quite some time. Old glass crystals for pocket watches were marked with a sticker on them […]