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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Wisdom from the Experienced

Earlier this week, the watchmaker who works beside me handed me a watch that he was having an impossible time trying to get a damaged bracelet off of. The screwbar attaching the bracelet to the case had not been properly installed in the past and a sizeable portion of the screw head on one side […]


Unless you are a watchmaker, when you think of shellac you probably picture a finely finished piece of furniture, or maybe a fine guitar or violin. As a watchmaker I use it too, but in a different form. Shellac is a resin secreted by insects of the lac family. Two common members of that family […]


Here is a little article I wrote for the New Mexico Jeweler’s Association newsletter. A chronograph is a watch with a traditional time keeping function and with the additional complication of being able to record elapsed time (stopwatch). A chronograph should not be confused with a chronometer, which is a watch which has met a […]


I’ve blogged about what happens when your watch gets serviced. I’ve blogged about oilers so it’s time to blog about oil. The watchmaking industry has worked long and hard to develop just the right oils to provide the correct amount of lubrication and protection to a watch movement. The purpose of lubricants in a watch […]

New watchmaking curriculum

I reported a while back about the interesting development at Oklahoma State where they dropped their WOSTEP recognition. It appears they will be getting it back under a new program developed by Rolex. National Jeweler and Via Luxe report today the creation of a new standardized watchmaking program created by Rolex to be implemented at […]

Time Away

I haven’t blogged here for a little while because I’ve been doing way too much computers at work and not enough watches as we prepared to launch our new website. Check it out here: Beauchamp Jewelers. Here are two items from my blog reader which I have found interesting: Watch with USB Drive for the […]

ETA 6497

This week I took apart and assembled my very first watch! It was a very exciting and humbling experience.  Our training movement was the solid ETA 6497 pocket watch movement.  It’s rather large and pretty much bullet proof according to my teacher.  The 6497 is perfect for training because it’s strong, can withstand amateurs like […]

Heat Treatment

There are a lot of things that I don’t know about watches but I never knew heat would be part of it.  I’ve had friends ask me, “what’s there to learn at watchmaking school?”  or “what possibly do you need to be trained on?” I silently laugh to myself and think, more than I’ll ever […]

Details of the Marie Antoinette Theft Revealed

An associated press article titled Solving Theft – Just Took Time reveals many of the unknown details of the recovery of watches and clocks stolen from an Israeli museum in the 1980s. The Marie Antoinette goes back on display in the spring of 2009. Anybody want to buy me a plain ticket to Israel?

Russian Watches

With the exception of the Pavel Bure pocket watch I serviced a while back this was the first Russian watch I have serviced. The watch is a 17 Jewel manual wind Vostok. Here are my impressions: Overall finish of the movement is very poor. I have seen Chinese counterfeit movements that were as well finished […]