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Tide Heist

by J.Edwards

 Archie McQuaters Tide Clock - Courtesy BBCOne of my favourite clocks has been stolen, right from the wall of Craiglea Clocks in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A small, understated, one of a kind piece, it is – to the best of my knowledge – the most accurate mechanical tidal clock in existance. Built by retired clockmaker, Archie McQuater, it is able to predict spring tides and neap tides in addition to the more typically predicted high and low tides which follow the transit of the moon around the Earth. No small feat to accomplish, he achieved this task by taking the transit of the Earth around the sun into consideration as well. Neap and spring tides occurring when the sun and moon are in perfect alignment with the Earth.

If any of you ever happen to come upon this horological treasure, please help it find Its way back to its rightful home… I only hope it doesn’t take as long to resurface as the Marie Antoinette.

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