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by Tony

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About a month has gone by and school is going by wonderfully.  We’re still in the filing stage and it’s been quite tedious to be honest.  So far our projects have been the Anvil/Pusher Holder, Balance Tack, Movement Holder, and bracelet links.  It’s funny because the Anvil/Pusher holder is the only one that has been completed.  Everything else is partially done because we need to learn how to work the lathe to complete the rest. This is our last week of filing and next week, the lathes come out.  So for prospective or interested students, the filing stage is about a month long.  Some days are purely just for work.  So that means eight hours of filing and sawing.  I can tell you that my fingers have been a bit sore lately!

I said earlier it can be quite tedious but all this has a purpose.  Each project has gotten smaller and smaller.  My sensitivity with using the file has greatly increased and I’m filing a lot more flatter now.  Believe me, it’s not as easy as you think. I’m sure J. Peter could do these with his eyes closed :p

Not too much to report now but in the next week or so I’ll have a lot of info to give out.  Other than that, filing is pretty much all it’s been so far. Sorry for the vague and general post but it’s all I got so far. Till next time.

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