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by Jordan Ficklin

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As a watchmaker in a retail store I get lots of interruptions. I am called upon to size bracelets on newly sold watches (and other watches too), change power cells, answer customers technical questions, fix computer problems, and a myriad of other things. Sometimes the interruption is welcomed, other times it is not.

If your curious how often I get interrupted, I’ve added a new counter to the right side of my blog (just above the Amazon ad) which shows (in real-time) how many power cell changes I have performed on watches since I graduated from watchmaking school. It won’t change dramatically but it surprises even me when I see how many I have done.

Apparently I usually look pretty involved in my work because my co-workers are always apologizing for the interruption. Thing is, it is part of a watchmakers work and I don’t mind at all. Sometimes it does take me 15 seconds to get to a convenient place to stop, and sometimes it takes me a minute or two to review my work and remember exactly where I am.

One important part of dealing with interruptions is double checking the work you “think” you already did to ensure nothing important gets missed. Without double checking you might remember having oiled a pivot, but allow a watch to leave your shop anyway. If your faced with interruptions, and even if you are not, double and triple checking your work is extremely important in watchmaking.

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