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by Jordan Ficklin

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That’s right that terrible problem that was supposed to occur on Midnight of January 1st, 2000. Our computers were all supposed to crash and it was going to cost our country millions of dollars. Well nothing became of it then, but it is a problem.

Today I changed the battery in a digital Seiko but when I went to set the date I could choose from the years 93 to 07. I guess they figured the useful lifespan of the watch was less than 14 years. So what do you do when your watch, or your VCR, or any other digital product doesn’t have the right year option for you. You find another that will work. There are two key criteria: Jan 1st needs to be the same day of the week, and the leap-year-ness of the year should match up.

2008 is a leap year there are actually no compatible years between 1993 and 2007, but since leap day has past, any year where todays date falls on the same day of the week will do for now, I used 1997, I could have also used 2003. The problem with both is that the watch will be off next February when the watch thinks there are 29 days. Unfortunately I only have Seiko to blame for not giving me enough valid days to choose from. The last time there was a leap year that started on a Tuesday (like this year) was 1980. Incidentally the next one will be 2036.

Looking for a bargain on next years calendars? Search ebay for calendars from 1953, 1959, 1970, 1987, or 1998 they will all work, and some of them might be pretty cool (like this one).

If you’re trying to figure out what year to use there is a useful tool at this page to calculate identical calendar years.

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