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Monthly Archives: September 2008


About a month has gone by and school is going by wonderfully.  We’re still in the filing stage and it’s been quite tedious to be honest.  So far our projects have been the Anvil/Pusher Holder, Balance Tack, Movement Holder, and bracelet links.  It’s funny because the Anvil/Pusher holder is the only one that has been […]

Screw Undercutter

The screw under cutter is used to remove material from the under side of the screw head. Each of the cutters is a different diameter. You place the screw in the one that matches the screw thread and turn it with the screwdriver. The cutting surface removes a small amount of metal from the underside […]

Little Black Box

Sometimes I wish watches had black boxes in them like airplanes. I saw a watch today that had been serviced 18 months ago with a bent seconds hand post. The hand was pointed up at the crystal and the watch was stopped. The crystal has large chips in it and the bezel is heavily scratched. […]

The Corpus Clock & The Chronophage

By now you have probably seen this video, especially if you are interested in watches, but just in case here it is. With a grasshopper escapement designed by John Harrison and a simple but unique movement this is a pretty cool clock. I’ve been sent this video by my brother, a flash programmer, and by […]

GP’s New Silicon Escapement

Two weeks ago I attended the wedding of a good friend from watchmaking school, who also happens to be a fellow co-founder of Alliance Horlogère. At the reception afterwards, I sat with another great friend of ours who is also a watchmaker. As might be expected, the conversation throughout the evening drifted in and out of what we’ve […]


So I finished my first week of classes and almost done with my second.  It’s been a whirlwind of information that’s still processing through my head.  Last Monday, I had no clue how to file properly!  Our first project was an Anvil/Pusher Holder.  This project pretty much teaches us the basics of what’s to come […]

Ligne Gauge

Historically watch calibers were designated by size. The French system for measuring sizes is the ligne. A ligne is equal to 1/12th of an 18th century French inch. The american system is simply “size.” In the American size the 0 size measures 1 5/30 inches and each size larger or smaller is 1/30 inch different. […]

New Rolex Book

This appears to be the next must have book for Rolex enthusiasts. 100 Superlative Rolex Wristwatches by John Goldberger has a beautiful leather cover and over 700 full color images inside. These aren’t your everyday Rolexes. The book will be available in October. For a full review visit Jake’s Rolex Watch Blog.

On A Journey To Become A Watchmaker..

My name is Tony and I have officially started my journey to become a professional watchmaker.  I’ve become a contributor to this blog because I was accepted into the Lititz Watch Technicum just like J. Peter.  This will be my first blog ever, and I’m not quite sure how this goes but I’ll try my […]

Omega Calibre 321 and “The Good Old Days”

I had the pleasure of getting a look under the hood of Omega’s vintage chronograph calibre 321 for the first time this week and was duly impressed. Predecessor to the now classic calibre 861, which earned its place in the history books as the movement which ran in the famed “First Watch Worn on the […]