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Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Automatic Wristwatch

The automatic wristwatch is a fantastic invention, but sometimes it gives me a headache. Abraham Perrelet produced the first automatic pocket watch in 1778. The wristwatch didn’t show up on the scene with any popularity for more than a hundred years later (around the turn of the twentieth century.) About 20 years later the first […]

Why wear a Rolex?

I don’t make tons of money as a watchmaker. You can read all about it in my post about on Watchmaking Injustice. I probably could afford a Rolex but with a young family I have (what are in my opinion) more important places to put my money at the moment. That’s why I frequent some […]

RODICO Premium

Another one of those great freebies I walked away from the AWCI Convention with was some of Bergeon’s new and “improved” RODICO Premium. For those of you who don’t know; Rodico is a cleaning product designed specifically for watchmaking. There are 3 main varieties of this product. They are similar in nature to the sticky […]

Contest Winner

Congratulations Sheldon, a random comment number generated by selected you as the winner of the Lange & Sohne DVDs. I will contact you via e-mail. As for the rest of you, expect some more contests in the coming week.

Time TV

If you have lots of time and you like sitting around watching videos about watches and watchmaking check out Time TV.

Just one day left for the giveaway.

Just a reminder that you have just one more day to comment on the Lange & Sohne Giveaway post to be eligible to win the DVDs.

Bergeon’s New Oiler

I got lots of great SWAG (Stuff We All Get) at the AWCI Convention. One of the little things I brought home was one of Bergeon’s new oilers. These new oilers cost about $25 each whereas the old oilers cost about $3. So what makes them so much better? The old oilers don’t work properly […]

Setting the Time with more Precision

I recently had a client inquire as to why the minute hand on his watch always seemed to trail the second hand by half a minute or so whenever he set the time. This can be a common problem, particularly on mechanical watches because they need to be set more often. Most people either don’t […]

Not for Profit Rolex

I hear Rolex described as a non-profit corporation all the time. I heard it just today as I was listening to a podcast from Jake’s Rolex Watch Blog. I just want to clarify Rolex’s financial position as I understand it. Please correct me if I am wrong. Upon the death of Hans Wilsdorf, in 1960, […]

Lange & Sohne Giveaway

How many watches do you own? Comment on this post with a little information about yourself and be registered to win a pair of DVDs from A. Lange & Sohne including fly-through animations and a screensaver. Tell me if you are a collector, watchmaker, or dreamer; how many watches you own; and which is your […]