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Monthly Archives: June 2008


Some days I love being a watchmaker and other days I don’t. Sometimes everything goes just right and I have a fun watch in front of me and I’m just delighted. Today wasn’t one of those days. Mondays are always kind of slow because I have to process the work taken in over the weekend. […]

How long does your watchmaker take?

How long does it take your watchmaker to fix your watch? I recently had a surge in work and my turn around time shot up to 8 weeks. For me this was unacceptable. The ideal turn around time is about 3 weeks for a full service but 4 weeks is more realistic. In order to […]

Tuesday Tools – Poising Tool

For some reason the poising tool is one of those watchmaker tools that you can find anywhere. There always seems to be one at every flea market, in every used tool store, and of course in every watchmaker’s shop. In fact, there are two in my shop. One is my personal poising tool, the other […]

Perception of Time

I guess this is related because a) it has to do with time and b) I experience it as a watchmaker. Customers are always coming in and they always seem to know exactly when they had their watch serviced last, or when we put the last battery in their watch. Thing is their perception of […]