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2824 Keyless Works

by Jordan Ficklin

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Following up on yesterday’s post I’ll make a quick note about the keyless works (winding and setting) of the ETA 2824 and 2892 movements. It is quite easy to dislodge the set lever and/or yoke when removing and/or inserting the winding stem. The barrel bridge has a slot in it which is meant for you to use a screwdriver to depress the set lever so you can remove the stem. Pushing the set lever down beyond the bottom of the slot (like with a sharp object) can result in the setting parts dislodging, but even when using the right size screwdriver you can sometimes have problems. When you do come across a problem it means you have to remove the dial and hands and date indicator ring to restore the winding and setting parts to their proper places — this can be a real headache.

The key, I have found is to depress the set lever only as far as necessary and for only as long as necessary. I slowly push down on the set lever post while pulling on the stem slowly. As soon as the stem begins to release from the set lever I stop pulling on it and release the pressure from the set lever pin. I then pull the stem the rest of the way out. When replacing the stem I insert it in until it contacts the set lever and gently press down on the post while turning until the stem slides into place. This method works much more often than the simply “using a screwdriver’.

I think the key here is slow, steady, and patient. If you are in a hurry you could screw it up.

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