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by Jordan Ficklin


Some days I love being a watchmaker and other days I don’t. Sometimes everything goes just right and I have a fun watch in front of me and I’m just delighted. Today wasn’t one of those days. Mondays are always kind of slow because I have to process the work taken in over the weekend. This usually means I start off my morning replacing watch batteries, performing water tests, and estimating repairs. Usually by the afternoon I can settle down and work on a repair. Today was especially slow because things just didn’t go my way. I had a couple of watches come back and I had to look over them to determine the reason. It’s a great learning opportunity but it is also somewhat stressful. It’s so hard to be perfect and that is what this profession demands.

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  1. Jon
    Posted June 10, 2008 at 7:09 am | Permalink

    We all have our bad days. Don’t sweat it too much. Breath deep and keep at it. I hope those watches proved to be a treasure trove of valuable lessons yesterday.

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