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Monthly Archives: June 2008

What a watchmaker does at the beach

You know you are into watches when this is how you spend your time at the beach:

2824 Keyless Works

Following up on yesterday’s post I’ll make a quick note about the keyless works (winding and setting) of the ETA 2824 and 2892 movements. It is quite easy to dislodge the set lever and/or yoke when removing and/or inserting the winding stem. The barrel bridge has a slot in it which is meant for you […]

The Parts Issue Continues

I have been out of town for a few days and of course the work piled up while I was gone. I spent most of today estimating repairs. One of the watches I dealt with today was a Maurice Lacroix automatic that I serviced one year ago. It had stopped working and when it came […]

Water Resistance Explained

Watches are often rated as water resistant. Many years ago some watches were labeled “water proof” but this is no longer a legal practice. Instead a watch can be lableled water resistant and a pressure rating can be assigned. Water is a powerful substance. At the depth of the Titanic shipwreck most watches would be […]

Tuesday Tools – Crystal Lift

This is a simple tool for removing the acrylic crystal from a one piece case design. The claws grip on the outside rim of the crystal compressing it until it can be raised out of the case, giving access to the movement. The tool can also be used to install the same crystal back into […]


I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about my watchmaking school experience but is it the only way to become a watchmaker? Well, no. If you can find a master watchmaker in your area you could apprentice (assuming he is willing.) In today’s world this may be a great opportunity because the master watchmaker […]

Articles on LWT

There have been several articles written on LWT here are links to several I know about: Business Week – Dec 2006 Bloomberg News – Feb 2005 Professional Jeweler – May 2003 National Jeweler – July 2001 Professional Jeweler – Oct 2003

South Paws

That’s right left handed individuals this one is for you. — I had a gentleman come in the other day whose bezel had popped off of his submariner. He complained that he had entirely lost his bezel before and that it has come off several times. I found this a bit odd because it is […]

Gravity Free Watchmaking

I have to get me one of those gravity free benches. Do you think I could get some trade accounts if I set up shop on the International Space Station? It would appear to result in less Floorology.

Tuesday Tools – Truing Calipers

Truing calipers are used to help make a wheel turn true. Occasionally you find a bent wheel in a watch. The truing caliper will help you see how far out of true it is, locate the low (or high) spot and make the correction to get it turning true again. There are two main types […]