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Monthly Archives: May 2008


This week for Tuesday Tools — Oilers. No, not the Houston Oilers or the Edmonton Oilers. When I clean and service a watch one of the most important things is to place the correct amount of oil precisely on the points that need lubrication. I use oilers to place the oil. There are three main […]

Water Tests Explained

Water resistant watches need to be tested or there can be no guarantee that they will perform as they are supposed to. When a watch maker performs a water test the price usually includes the necessary tasks to ensure the watch passes the test but not the parts needed to make it pass, should it […]

A clean watch lasts forever

As a watchmaker I see a lot of watches. Some people are kind to their watches, others really beat them up. Some watches still look brand new when they come in, others are totally covered in scratches. Some watches are nice and clean and others are covered in body cheese. One thing is certain, a […]

Rolex Parachrom Hairspring

It seems there is a lot of mystery surrounding this innovation made by Rolex so I will try and clear it up using two documents of pretty good authority. I wish I could say I had talked to the head of the parachrom department at Rolex but I haven’t. The parachrom hairspring didn’t really start […]


For the most part watches and their components are fairly small machines. I would never be able to work on them and properly examine the condition of parts without using some magnification. I don’t really use the loupe pictured at top (it is a presentation piece made in sterling silver, it weighs a ton, and […]


I was just flipping through my book Vintage Rolex Sports Models and it reminded me that it was a prize I won from a very generous Timezone user named Ratskunk for a Haiku I wrote. Here is the Haiku: My gnomon casts the Longest shadow of the year: The winter solstice. The book is a […]

Watchmakers Wanted

Not sure where this ad is running, or who it is supposed to appeal to, but it looks like Swatch Group is in need of experienced watchmakers. I guess the six per year they are graduating from the Nicholas G. Hayek School of Watchmaking isn’t enough. I saw the ad on the Swiss Watch Boutique

More on Shock Resistance

Check out the video at if you want to see shock resistance in action. Anti-Shock Systems including video Original post here

Magnetism – Enemy of Isochronism

First, isochronism is the ability of a watch to maintain constant time independent of the influences around it. Some of the things that affect isochronism include: magnetism, external shocks, friction, and poise of the balance and hairspring. Magnetism is one that you will certainly notice right away. This week I had a customer’s watch come […]

But I just had my watch serviced!

It is very rare that I do a partial repair. When you are inside a watch messing around the only way to guarantee everything is clean as it should be is to completely service the watch. Sometimes when I estimate a full service the customer tells me that they just had their watch serviced, so […]