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Rolex Caliber 1601

by Jordan Ficklin

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Cellini 6115Whenever someone begins to get interested in Cellini watches they seem to want to know what is inside of one. “Is it the same movement as a Submariner or a Datejust?” “Is it technically advanced?” etc. Sorry, but no it is not. Cellinis have their own movments totally different from Rolexes. For one they are manually wound watches, not automatics. Second they are dress watches so they have different standards. These movements are much thinner than their Rolex counterparts but they are still well made quality movements.

Rolex 1602Some Cellinis have quartz movements. Rolex uses their own in house Quartz movement. It’s not the Oysterquartz, it is a more traditional quartz model, but very nicely finished and a reliable timekeeper. Other models like the Prince has a unique in house manual wind caliber made exclusively for that model. Many have the reliable Rolex Caliber 1602 inside. The 1602 is a very traditional manual wind movement reserved exclusively for Cellini models. It measures 20.8 mm in diameter and 2.55 millimeters thick. It operates at 21,600 bph, has 20 jewels, and a 46 hour power reserve. The balance is freesprung with a flat hairspring. The movement is a derivative of the 1600 caliber which Rolex designed in 1964. The 1600 was a 19,800 bph version with 19 jewels and a flat hairspring with regulator. The 1602 modifications took place in 1993. It is hard to compare the 1602 to the 3135 but it is a sturdy well built movement which has been proven through 44 years of use.Rolex 1601

When I have searched for pictures of this caliber on line I have had very poor luck (although I found one tonight) so I am posting some pictures here of a Rolex 1601 in my grandfather in law’s Cellini. I am not an accomplished photographer, nor do I have great equipment so you will have to excuse the picture quality. You may notice the 1601 has a regulator but the newer 1602 is freesprung.

Rolex 1601

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