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A clean watch lasts forever

by Jordan Ficklin

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Clean SeikoAs a watchmaker I see a lot of watches. Some people are kind to their watches, others really beat them up. Some watches still look brand new when they come in, others are totally covered in scratches. Some watches are nice and clean and others are covered in body cheese. One thing is certain, a clean watch lasts forever. This week I’ve seen a lot of broken bracelets, most of which could have been avoided with some proper maintenance.

I think that lots of times people overlook cleaning their wristwatch. Here are some reasons why, followed by a simple how to.

When your watch is dirty around the crown — it can actually enter inside the case as you pull out and push in the crown. If it is a manual wind watch the dirt and grime becomes embedded in the gasket on the crown and turns the soft gasket into a coarse grinding stone which as it turns cuts a groove into the case tube. This means you have to replace your case tube sooner and you risk water getting into your watch.

When your metal bracelet is dirty — the same kind of thing happens at each hinge point. Dirt and grime actually causes the bracelet to wear faster. This can be devastating when your watch has a $10 – 15,000 gold bracelet. These bracelets are designed to last generations and if you keep them clean and wear them tight they will. If you don’t you will significantly cut their life span.

So how do you clean your watch? Check out this post from Jan 28, 2008.

As a side note, one of the ways your watch gets dirty is if you wear it while applying creams and lotions (this especially applies to you ladies). Hairspray is really bad. In fact you should take off all your jewelry when you apply creams and lotions. The creams and lotions turn into a glue when combined with dirt, dust, and dander.

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