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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Quartz Retro-fit

To watchmakers and watch lovers the quartz retro-fit is an abomination. It is the act of removing a mechanical movement from a watch case and replacing it with a quartz movement. It can be sad to see it happen but here are some reasons why people want to do it: Old ladies often have a […]

How does this happen!

I was going to write about Quartz Retrofits but than I came across this. The evil retrofit can wait for tomorrow. I knew this watch would be trouble when I saw the underside of the balance wheel. I call this Swiss Cheese. The indentations at 2 o’clock are normal. Nearly every other hole has been […]

Rolex Caliber 1601

Whenever someone begins to get interested in Cellini watches they seem to want to know what is inside of one. “Is it the same movement as a Submariner or a Datejust?” “Is it technically advanced?” etc. Sorry, but no it is not. Cellinis have their own movments totally different from Rolexes. For one they are […]

Tuesday Tools – Pin Vises

One of the things about watches is they are tiny. When you need to hold a component firmly (more firmly than you can with tweezers) you often use a pin vise. The most common thing I use pin vises for is to hold a stem when I remove or install a crown, or for shortening […]

Timing & acceptable variations

So, you like mechanical watches? I do. But how accurate do you want them to be? There is always somebody on the internet discussion groups, like Timezone who complains about their watch gaining a couple of seconds a day. Here is a little bit about what to expect from your watches. First, if to-the-second precision […]

Tuesday Tools – Movement Holders

You can’t touch a clean movement with your fingers and you don’t want to set it on a dirty bench top or pad so you need some way to support it. There are as many different movement holders as there are different watch calibers. Ok, maybe not that many but there are a plethora of […]

Monday Myth – Watch Winders

In response to a question I received from Thomas Sharples, I’m going to take the time to talk about watch winders. If you are familiar with automatic wristwatches you know that if you don’t wear them for a couple of days they come to a stop. This isn’t a big deal if your watch only […]

Great article about Rolex 3135 Service

I was looking for some pictures on the web recently and I stumbled across this article by Andrew Babanin describing what he found inside his Rolex Submariner. It has lots of good pictures and a pretty good description of the 3135 movement.

Nerves can keep you in check

This week I took in a vintage Rolex Submariner (5513) for repair. It had that sweet vintage look that collectors love with the yellowed luminous and original hands. I explained to the customer that despite the dial starting to crack slightly in some places I would recommend they keep the dial because (for collectors) it […]

Great Watch Ad

I had to share this ad from Baume & Mercier, which I saw on Watchismo Times, with all of you. It’s the kind of ad you only get in Euroope. This wouldn’t fly in the U.S. Baume & Mercier watches Is it SwissUploaded by business-garden