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Machinist Chest

by Jordan Ficklin

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Machinist ChestI recently saw pictures of a home setup for a watch enthusiast and it made me somewhat jealous as I have been wanting to set up a shop at home for some time. He stored his tools in a machinist chest and it made me think about mine. As most of my tools are in my bench at work my chest holds mainly the tools i don’t need at work (because they are supplied for me) and some projects and stuff but a nice tool chest is great. Even if I only used it to store my tools while I moved across the country it was worth it.

Machinist ChestMy chest is a Gerstner International. It’s not as nice as the American made counterpart but I definitely feel my chest was worth the $200 that was paid for it (I received it as a graduation gift.) In fact, I don’t know that you could find a better chest for the price. The drawers are perfectly laid out for storing a variety of small tools. The drawers are all felt lined to keep the tools from sliding around (or getting damaged). I have seen similar chests on but I can’t attest to their quality. My Gerstner International came from e-Bay which is also a good source for vintage machinist chests.

If you are looking for a place to store small and valuable tools, or watches, or knives or anything of the sort a nice machinist chest would do the trick.

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