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Consumers and Watch Parts

by Jordan Ficklin

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The topic of watch parts has been heavily discussed among the membership of AWCI recently, so I feel I understand how watchmakers feel about the subject. We’re frustrated because we can’t always get the parts we need. Read more about parts here, here, and here.

I would really like to hear from any of you who are not watchmakers. What do you, the consumer, think would be an appropriate distribution for watch parts from high-end watch companies. Companies like Hublot say that their strict parts policy (selling only to factory trained watchmaker’s at their authorized retailers) helps them “preserve the high quality and integrity of [their] watches.” Respond with comments.

Here are some possible policies:

  1. No watch parts sales, all watches fixed by the factory.
  2. Watch parts sold only to watchmaker’s trained by the factory and who work at Authorized Dealers.
  3. Watch parts sold only to watchmaker’s trained by the factory regardless of where they work.
  4. Watch parts sold only to certified watchmaker’s.
  5. Watch parts sold to any watchmaker.
  6. Watch parts sold to anyone including parts houses and consumers
  7. Other, your own idea. Feel free to expand

On another note. Where does your watchmaker fit in the scheme above. Is he trained, by whom? Is he certified, by whom? Does he use genuine parts? You can learn more about certification here.

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