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Some more thoughts on counterfeits.

by Jordan Ficklin

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A while ago I reviewed a counterfeit watch to point out how poor the quality was. Mikle, posted a comment asking about my opinion of several other counterfeits. He said, “For [him] a replica watch is the only opportunity to have a watch with a well-known name.” This poses the question, why do you like the watches you do?

Harry Winston Opus 8For me watches are about the machine. I love the mechanics of a watch and the amazing things they can do. For example, Harry Winston’s Opus 8 – his latest mechanical wonder. (Read about it at Watchismo Times.) Of course, I think a watch should have some style. There are some mechanical wonders which I think are ugly.

If / when I buy a high end watch it will be for the quality and style, not for the name. I like Rolex because they truly are a lot of watch for the value. Some people buy a watch for the name recognition.

To Mikle, I say, If you can’t afford an expensive watch your friends are not going to believe your counterfeit is real. They’ll think, “there is no way you can afford that watch so it must be fake.” If you buy a counterfeit (besides supporting criminals) you will not get any of the great things that come with a high-end watch like quality, durability, precision & accuracy. If you want a watch with a well known name, try Timex, Seiko, or Citizen – these are very well known names. If you want quality without the price try Swiss Army, Hamilton, or Bulova. If you want price without the quality try Invicta, Breitling, or any of the fashion brands at the department store. If you want a watch that you’ll have to throw away in a couple of years try a counterfeit.

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