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Jailbroke my iPod

by Jordan Ficklin

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So, I love my iPod Touch and I recently decided (due to Apple’s unfriendly rules that came with the SDK released) that I would Jailbreak it. For those of you who don’t know this means: you unlock the Operating System to allow you to run 3rd party applications. There are some great applications out there but I have totally broken my iPod twice in the process.

I used ZiPhone to jailbreak my iPod. The jailbreak went smooth; both times I had to do it this week. Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Some of my favorite applications so far are iLevel, Tap Tap Revolution, Labyrinth, Books (for scriptural texts), and weDict (foreign language dictionary). The biggest down side is TTR is very reliant on WiFi. You can use it without but it takes some work.

Here are the problems I’ve had: First, after jailbreaking, apparently you can’t change the user settings. If yo do your audio may disappear, mine did. Resetting the preferences back to original brought back my audio. I can live with that until it gets fixed (somebody undoubtedly will fix it.) Second, when using openSSH (to transfer files to your iPod Touch or iPhone) don’t use passwd to change the root password, if you do your iPod will get stuck in an endless loop of restarting which means you will have to restore your iPod, losing all your data and having to jailbreak it again and sync all your music. (This takes all night for me). There is another way to change the password from the default, but I haven’t done it yet.

Since, everything has been reversible and there are others out there who have been through the same problems and posted the solutions on the internet it is worth it for me. These new apps are very cool. There are hundreds more I haven’t tried yet.

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