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by Jordan Ficklin

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I have been blogging for 3 months now and I reflect on this time.

  1. People are extremely generous with their time and money. It amazes me how many people have offered up things to help me in my blogging endeavor. Many of you have made financial contributions by clicking on the Donate button. Thank you. These donations have gone to help me start setting up a watchmaking shop at home. I plan on using this shop for more creative endeavors than I do when I am at work. It has also helped me to get this domain name and hosting which is giving me more control over my blog. Expect slow changes over time.
  2. Many of you have also offered to send me information about watches and I appreciate that. I have been reading a book on high end watch finishing techniques sent by one of you and you can expect a review of the book to appear here in the near future. I can’t wait until I have a shop set up here at home where I can begin to practice some of these techniques.
  3. I can’t believe how many of you read what I write. I have chosen up until now not to post any counts on my blog but now that things are rolling I’ll let you know that you are not the only one reading this. I have had more than 4500 visits resulting in over 10,000 page views in just 3 short months. Thank you for reading!
  4. Many of you contribute feed back as comments on my posts. I hope that will continue and increase. I love to hear feedback, this will help me improve content. And if you want to ask me questions about a watchmaking topic I haven’t covered yet post a suggestion on the .

If you like what you read here, please feel free to donate.

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