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Watch Humor

by Jordan Ficklin

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Everose Rolex Daytona Cosmographiconaut.jpgTwo chronographs walk into a bar. The bartender looks at the Tudor and asks the Daytona, “What is that thing?” To which the Cosmograph replies, “I don’t know but it can do all kinds of things that Iconaut.”

bluwm.jpgSometimes watch companies name their watches kind of silly things. Rolex certainly isn’t excluded. The word chronograph makes sense, it comes from the greek words chronos, meaning time, and grapho, meaning to write. A chronograph therefore writes (or records) time. Applying the same logic to the Daytona a Cosmograph should record everything. That’s right the greek work cosmos means everything but has come to refer to the universe. So at the very least it should record the universe. Sounds like a better name for a Martin Braun watch, like the one on the left which shows sunrise, sunset and equation of time functions. Add a moonphase and signs of the zodiac and now you’ve got a Cosmograph, unless you use the first definition. Now you need the Patek Phillippe Caliber 89, the world’s most complicated watch, that is about as close as you can get to recording everything.Patek Philippe 89

So what is an iconaut? It’s greek to me. Well if it is greek than an icon is from the greek for image and naut from the greek nautes for sailor. So an iconaut is an image sailor, or image explorer. Sounds like a web browser to me, in fact there is a browser called iconaut which uses images to navigate subjects. I don’t know how that relates to time, date, chronograph, and 24 hour hand, maybe it has more to do with it’s bold look. The person who wears it is an image pioneer.

One more joke: So this guy has three dogs and he names them Rolex, Timex, and Omega and some guy says to him, “What kinds of names are those for dogs?” To which the owner replies. “Great names, they are watch dogs.”

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