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Monthly Archives: April 2008

State of the Economy

I had a professor who told one of my classmates that their “balance was limping along like a wounded bird about to expire.” Kind of harsh, don’t you think? That’s what the media is telling us about the economy. Are you feeling the pains of a wounded economy? With rising prices for fuel and food […]

Machinist Chest

I recently saw pictures of a home setup for a watch enthusiast and it made me somewhat jealous as I have been wanting to set up a shop at home for some time. He stored his tools in a machinist chest and it made me think about mine. As most of my tools are in […]

Shock Resistance

If you wear your watch it receives shocks (not the electrical kind). By shocks I mean it gets bumped around and makes sudden starts and stops. in fact this is what makes watches so different from clocks: They change position and they receive shocks. If they didn’t they would probably have pendulums in them instead […]

Can of Worms

That’s right: pocket watches. It is very rare that I work on a pocket watch and I don’t find some big problem that I missed in my estimate. There is just so much that can go wrong. Yesterday I was working on a 4/0 size Elgin Pocket Watch. Everything looked good from the bridge side […]

Take your son or daughter to work day

Ok, so he was only there for 15 minutes, but here is my son “Bug” fixing watches. He was pretty good with the tweezers, I was surprised that he was able to pick up the power cell with the tweezers at all. It’s time to get him the “My First Clock.”

Cyclops Removal

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like a cyclops and those who don’t. I often see people on timezone wanting to know how to remove the cyclops from their watch. And then other people come into my shop and want me to put one on their watch. I have one […]

Consumers and Watch Parts

The topic of watch parts has been heavily discussed among the membership of AWCI recently, so I feel I understand how watchmakers feel about the subject. We’re frustrated because we can’t always get the parts we need. Read more about parts here, here, and here. I would really like to hear from any of you […]

Jailbroke my iPod

So, I love my iPod Touch and I recently decided (due to Apple’s unfriendly rules that came with the SDK released) that I would Jailbreak it. For those of you who don’t know this means: you unlock the Operating System to allow you to run 3rd party applications. There are some great applications out there […]

Some more thoughts on counterfeits.

A while ago I reviewed a counterfeit watch to point out how poor the quality was. Mikle, posted a comment asking about my opinion of several other counterfeits. He said, “For [him] a replica watch is the only opportunity to have a watch with a well-known name.” This poses the question, why do you like […]

Is my watch green?

No, I don’t mean is it an Anniversary edition Submariner. I’ve written on this topic before. Is your watch friendly for the environment. I am always on the look out for hard facts that support or dispute the idea that mechanical watches are more environmentally friendly than quartz watches. The Jewelers Circular Keystone focused on […]