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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Monday Myths – the battery

As long as I am aware of myths which need to be dispelled I will do so on Mondays. “If I pull out the crown on my watch will the battery last longer?” – I can’t tell you how often I hear that. Well I’m here to clear up the myth. The short answer is […]

Watches For Women

J. Peter – Here is my wife’s follow up to my review of Saphir. My husband asked me to check out Saphir, a new watch magazine for women. Saphir brings the worlds of watches and women’s fashion together in an interesting way. It includes articles on the latest fashion trends (and what watches go along […]

Copyright 1893 – Watch Puzzler

This dial was in a junk pile at work and I think it’s really interesting. It took me a lot of thought to figure out what all the numbers in the center are for. Any guesses? The only prize is pride. If you know, or even if you don’t take a guess. Post your guesses […]