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Tick Talk has moved

by Jordan Ficklin

Thanks to the generous contributions of my readers I am able to move my blog to a self-hosted domain. Why am I doing this? It gives me more control over my blog content and it allows me to put some advertising on my blog – creating more revenue to improve content.

Your generous contributions have also helped me to begin outfitting a shop at my home. I hope to be able to continue equipping a shop at home because it gives me a forum to work on some projects which will help me form some really great posts.

What you need to do to continue getting my posts:

If you subscribed to my blog using one of the links in the upper right you shouldn’t have to do anything. This applies to all e-mail subscribers. If you subscribed by typing my url ( in your rss reader you will need to change it to my new url or visit my new site and then click on the subscribe to this blog in the upper right.

If you received this post and the next post titled “Bug’s Clock” you are already getting posts from the new blog. If you don’t receive it, come a calling.

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