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Watches For Women

by nottheplan

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J. Peter – Here is my wife’s follow up to my review of Saphir.

My husband asked me to check out Saphir, a new watch magazine for women. Saphir brings the worlds of watches and women’s fashion together in an interesting way. It includes articles on the latest fashion trends (and what watches go along with them), watches you can wear for a night out on the town, what celebrities are sporting on their wrists, as well as informative (and easy to read) articles on different watch complications. My favorite part of this magazine was seeing women wearing watches. It really helped me get a better feel for what a certain style would look like on me. For example, I’ve really never been a fan of watches that were anything other than a traditional circular shape. After seeing a picture of a woman wearing a rectangle shaped watch, I decided those can be kind of cool.

I especially enjoyed the article, “Which Watch For Me?”. It was an interview with Kim-Eva Wempe, the director of jewelry and watch retailer, Wempe. I thought it was very fair and impartial in that it really encouraged women to discover what they want in a watch regardless of price or brand. It also gave some good tips for deciding what kind of watch might best fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Saphir is especially perfect for the woman who is just getting interested in mechanical watches, and also a good read for a woma who enjoys wearing watches, not only for their timekeeping purposes, but as a fashion statement as well.

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