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World’s most accurate clock

by J.Peter

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Do you need to be on time? I mean really on time. The Journal of Science reports this week that scientists have developped a new atomic clock wich will not deviated by a single second in 200 million years. It is based on a lattice of strontium atoms suspended with lasers and honestly, I don’t understand it.

This clock and others are competing to replace the current atomic clock used by the National Institute of Standards which is only accurate to within 1 second in 80 million years.

Read more at Science

National Institute of Standards and Technology (2008, February 18). Most Accurate Clock Ever: ‘Crystal Of Light’ Clock Surpasses Accuracy Of NIST-F1 Fountain Clock. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 19, 2008, from­ /releases/2008/02/080214144459.htm

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