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Super Tuesday

by J.Peter

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I know it’s not the weekend, but I can’t resist this opportunity to comment mid-week on a non-watch related topic.

Here in New Mexico voter turnout for the democratic caucus was high today. It was the first ever caucus in New Mexico and polls were open from noon to 7pm. In Rio-Rancho some voters waited for 3 hours or more to vote. Polls there didn’t close until well after 9 o’clock. On the radio I heard that some polling places ran out of ballots and had people write down their candidate on a slip of paper. Many voters didn’t know where to vote. I don’t know why, it was easy to figure it out, they explained it this morning on the radio.

First, you need to know which district you are registered in, this can be found on your voter registration card or by visiting the attorney generals website for the state of New Mexico. You need to however, ignore the polling place listed on your card or at the state’s web site because these are for state or county run elections not party run caucuses. Next, you need to visit the democratic party’s web site or give them a call to find out where your polling place will be for the caucus. Or alternatively, show up at your usual polling place and hope someone has put up a sign telling you where you really needed to vote.

My democratic co-workers, some of whom were gone for hours today waiting in line at the polls asked, “Who came up with this terrible system? It was very poorly organized.” To which I reply, undoubtedly, a democrat! And, we know it was because caucuses are run by parties, not governments. Maybe it is time for a change!

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