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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Saphir – Watch Magazine for Women

Not too long ago I wrote about how women just don’t get the attention that men do from the watch industry. Well here’s a little update. This week at work we received a copy of Saphir: The luxury Magazine of Fine Timepieces, Jewelry and Fashion. It’s a magazine from the people at WatchTime and as […]

Happy Leap Day!

It only comes once every 4 years. Enjoy your perpetual calendars, should you have any.

Five films from Rolex

While visiting the “Timezone Rolex forum they mentioned five new videos on the Rolex web page. They are pretty neat short films about what goes into constructing a Rolex (sort-of). They cover the following topics: The Movement The parachrom hairspring Everose Gold Ceramic Bezels 904L steel To watch the videos visit their web page at […]

Lessons from a day of watchmaking

About a week ago somebody called asking whether I could change a battery in a Baume & Mercier. I told him I could. We have the necessary case opening tool. He was ecstatic, apparently we were the 18th store he had called looking for somebody with the appropriate tool to change his battery. Today he […]

Hand Pushers

Today for Tuesday’s Tools I present to you my hand pushers. They are very simple tools, but frankly you really need to have good ones. Hand pushers are used for installing hands on a watch. Well made hand pushers will keep you from marking the hands when you install them. This set are Rolex 2089. […]

Environmental concerns in the watchmaking industry

This is a topic I have wanted to expound on in detail for quite a while but I have a hard time finding the information I need. Here are some thoughts, nothing here can be taken as the gospel truth, it is all educated hypothesizing. Common thought would lead you to believe that a mechanical […]

Blu-Ray wins

I am a watchmaker “in a digital world.” I’m sure if you care you’ve heard already but Toshiba has decided not to continue pursuing the HD-DVD technology forfeiting the technology race to Sony and their Blu-Ray technology. So why did Sony win so fast when they fared so poorly in the 1980s VHS vs. BETA […]

What you get from a counterfeit

Disclaimer: I would never purchase a counterfeit watch, nor do I usually work on them which is why I am making this post. I will not be making a habit of discussing counterfeits here. I strongly believe that counterfeiting, like pirating, plagarism, and stealing to be unethical and wrong. I choose not to participate or […]

Micromechanics, Part III

Micromechanics I Micromechanics II With our first major exam behind us it was time to move on to the next unit. With winding stems we learned to cut stems on the lathe. Mostly right angles and flat surfaces. Our next task would introduce large tapers. We were to make a balance tack. The balance tack […]

Baume & Mercier Linea

Every once in a while a watch comes across my bench that surprises me. This week it was a ladies Baume & Mercier Linea. Let’s just say, that B&M isn’t a brand that brings quality and luxury to my mind, but I could be wrong. The case was made of a fine steel that polished […]