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Pavel Bure Pocket Watch

by J.Peter

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Isn’t she a beauty? I had the pleasure of working on this watch last week. It is a large (20 lignes +) pocket watch in a blackened steel case. The movement is swiss made in the studio of Pavel Bure (Paul Buhre) of Le Locle, Switzerland. The case ( and dial?) are made for the imperial Russia market (That’s pre-soviet Russia).

The best part is it is in excellent condition. The movement is spotless and the case has one small spot of rust on the outside cover. After cleaning and lubricating I got the best surprise when I took it to the timing machine. It keeps wonderful time!

The dial is matte black with gold colored numerals and rose gold Louis XIV style hands. The crown and bale are also rose colored, they contrast the black case & dial magnificently.

Probably dates from the very early 1900s. I didn’t find a whole lot of information on it at All in all it’s a good watch both for it’s looks and it’s timekeeping.


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