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Musing about Politics

by J.Peter

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The media is always telling me who is voting for who, what the polls say and who might win. I want to know about the issues!

I sat down and watched the republican debate(SC). Only person who impressed me was Ron Paul. He caught me by surprise, I was beginning to wonder if I was a conservative, as it turns out I’m more conservative than I thought.

So as my states primary comes around on Super Tuesday, I’ve been trying to decide who to vote for. Electability was at the forefront of my mind, just like the media wants it to be. I mean, I don’t want to throw away my vote on somebody who has no chance of winning. Of course the only reason it really is like that is because everyone thinks that way because the media tells us we have to vote for one of the “front runners.” I think I might just give Ron Paul my vote and do my part to ignore the media and make democracy work the way it should.

Truth is I don’t say any one candidate with whom I agree with on even 50% of the issues.

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