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by J.Peter


I signed up today for a trial subscription to It is a database maintained in the UK with information about tens of thousands of watchmakers. I needed some information about a watch I recently serviced my the maker Pavel Bure. It is a swiss movement made at his shop in Le Locle and cased up for the Imperial Russian market. I suspect it is from the early 20th century. The page said he worked for sure in St. Petersburg in the 1840s and 1850s and gave a reference, so maybe the watch is a little earlier than I thought. It didn’t have a ton of information but it had those few dates. I was hoping to find some information about a James Nardin watch as well, but they didn’t have a listing for him.

It looks like a good bit of information for someone who is doing lots of vintage work or lots of vintage appraisals. Probably not a great value for someone like me.

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